Dictionaries compatible with the Twistpad spell checker engine are developed and made available by our partner Addictive Software.

Please note there are no guarantees as to the accuracy or / and reliability of the dictionary languages, we do however encourage you to notify Addictive Software of any problems your find or additions you would like to see in the dictionary you might use.
The dictionary language files should be stored in:
  • For Windows 2000 and XP: c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\carthago\twistpad\Dictionaries
  • For Windows Vista and above: c:\ProgramData\Carthago\Twistpad\Dictionaries
  • Replace c:\ with the drive of your Windows Installation
  • In Twistpad, choose Spelling Options and locate the new dictionary in the above folder.
Language Contributors

American English (Included in installation) Addictive Software Download
260 Kb

Afrikaans Peter van Lonkhuyzen | Johannes Pretorius | Addictive Software Download
1004 Kb

Australian English Addictive Software Download
268 Kb

British English Addictive Software Download
262 Kb

Bulgarian ACTA Ltd. Sofia, Bulgaria Download
252 Kb

Catalan Robert Perelegre and Carlos Moreno Gil from Ziclope Ingenieria Informatica, SL Download
479 Kb

Czech Miloslav Skácel Download
383 Kb

Danish Addictive Software | Aller Press A/S - Denmark Download
549 Kb

Dutch Paul Kavelaars | Carlo Kok | Peter van Meijel | Jeroen van Gorkum | Addictive Software Download
615 Kb

Estonian Ilmar Kerm Download
641 Kb

Finnish Verbix | Addictive Software Download
39 Kb

French Normand Peladeau | D C Al Coda | Laurent Pierre | Michel Burdin Download
245 Kb

German (New Standard) Rainer Nausedat Download
483 Kb

German (Old Standard) Rainer Nausedat Download
571 Kb

Greek George Ioannidis Download
757 Kb

Hungarian Lajos Peti Download
1000 Kb

Italian Danea Soft | Siade Consulting | Maurizio Ruggeri | Addictive Software Download
343 Kb

Norwegian HK-Data AS | Dag Pedersen | Addictive Software Download
234 Kb

Polish Marcin Frankowski | Chris Gallacher | Addictive Software Download
962 Kb

Portuguese Rui Menino | António Eduardo Marques | Addictive Software Download
191 Kb

Portuguese (Brazilian) Luiz Marques | Mauricio Longo | André Mendes | Addictive Software Download
143 Kb

Russian Ivan Tugoy | Lucky Tesseract | Lev Melnikovsky Download
364 Kb

Spanish D C Al Coda | Fabio A. Ardila M. | TimeMaker Download
370 Kb

Swedish Addictive Software | Teknikhuset AB Download
160 Kb


An Add-on to Twistpad is way of extending the product beyond the standard installation package.

You can browse the list to see if any available add-on might suit you, or send us your suggestions on new add-ons.