Version 1.3 SR1
  • Minor corrections and stability improvements
Version 1.3
  • Added clickable hyperlinks In the Add/Edit user dialog (Notes field)
  • Added 3 new options to control the visibility of the of the passwords: "Always hide passwords on": Startup / Restore / application focus
  • Added a new option to lock the window if the current file has a password and the application is restored from minimized state.
  • Added password count when password is visible in Add/Edit User
  • Added icons to all commands (to place on the Quick Access Toolbar)
  • Added an option to reset the header columns (In right click menu)
  • Improved High-DPI support
  • Minor visual refresh
  • Fixed: Button to clear current search
  • Other minor corrections and improvements
Version 1.21
  • Added an option to connect to FTP in "PASSIVE" mode
  • Improved FTP file uploading connection log status
  • Fixed: Option "Allow colon (:) in username"
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.2
  • New option to select application theme (Automatic/Light/Dark)
  • Status Bar and Tab Bar are now merged
  • Minor esthetic improvements
  • Fixed: Ribbon Command Copy would be disabled
  • Fixed: Sometimes dragging a "HTF" file from explorer would raise an error
  • Fixed: Cancel key in Notes field (adding or editing a user)
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.1
  • Added a new option to lock opened files
  • Added a button to copy the password in the edit/add user dialog
  • Added a button to launch the email/URL in the edit/add user dialog
  • Fixed: If the opened file is read-only it will display the "Save As" dialog when saving.
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.0
  • Initial Public Release