Twistpad is a fully featured text and code editor for Windows. Twistpad can be used as a simple notepad replacer or a featured packed editor targeting web and software developers. Twistpad supports a full range of syntax highlighting (colored keywords) for the most popular formats out of the box (HTML, ASP, XML, C++, Java, Pascal, etc) but it's strength relies on the easy to create new highlighting schemes.

Handling text is no problem in Twistpad, besides the usual clipboard operations, there is a wide range of formatting commands that will simplify your work whenever you need like aligning text or converting between tabs and spaces.

Written in native code (32 and 64 bit versions available), you can be sure that no system files are altered or large additional run-time libraries are required. Performance is also something we had in mind when designing Twistpad, so fast start up time and fast text parsing are guaranteed.

Other features include Unicode support, spell and active spell checking1, text files comparison (even currently opened and unsaved files), export to Rich Text Format and HTML, fast find and replace in files, project management1, text auto-complete, text auto-replace, Auto-Recover for non-saved files in case of a system crash, tool and/or compiler support, configurable toolbars, context menus, keyboard shortcuts and colors, advanced text format (join lines remove empty lines, etc.), text sort, portable mode and many more features.

Take a more detailed look at the Twistpad features below

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Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.x or 7

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Syntax Highlight

Syntax highlight provides a better readability of the code text through colored keywords. The most popular document formats are supported out of the box with Twistpad standard installation. Custom configured syntax highlight can also be easily achieved.

Unicode Support

Twistpad has full Unicode support files with or without a signature (BOM). Twistpad will also warn if it detects Unicode characters in an ANSI document.

Modern Windows editions support

Twistpad supports modern Windows features like document previews in the Taskbar.

High DPI Support

Support for high resolution displays. (screenshot taken in a system scaled at 150%)

Integrated file compare

A compare tool is Integrated into Twistpad for easy compare of changes between two documents. Twistpad let's you compare two external documents, a currently opened file with another file or even a modified document with it's own saved version on disk.

Tabbed interface

A familiar and modern tabbed environment allows easy document switching, editing and organization from Twistpad environment.

Multiple clipboard support

Every time a block of text is copied to the internal Windows clipboard, Twistpad will store the text for later retrieval. Stored text is also preserved across Twistpad sessions.

Integrated file browser

Twistpad includes a file browser to quickly open files from a specified working folder.

Intelligent spell checker

The Spell checker will only check text in comments and quotes in your code. Optionally use the Active Spelling1 feature, to underline spelling errors in text without the need of invoking the spell dialog. Twistpad can also have multiple languages active for multilingual documents. Twistpad uses the industry standard HunSpell Spell checking Engine which guarantees not only spelling checking quality but also a wide range of dictionary availability.

Integrated file history

Twistpad supports an integrated source control system. Each time a file is saved, a backup is made and stored in a hidden sub-folder and can be retrieved at any time.

Project support1

With project support, you can organize the files of a web site for example, in folders regardless of the actual location of the files.

Search and replace in text files

Comprehensive set of tools for search and replace text including a folder, a set of folders or currently opened files with regular expressions support. For safety purposes you can leave the files opened in Twistpad after the replace for review of changes made before saving.

Portable support

Twistpad Portable Creator makes Twistpad a fully portable application to be run from an external device without having to install and without leaving traces in the host system.

Editor themes support

Editor colors can be customized and saved as themes for later retrieval. Twistpad fully supports dark themes.

Enhanced file switch

Switch between opened documents like the Windows Alt-Tab!

Function list

Easily jump to any function or section defined in the document. All functions are available in the Function window or in the jump dialog.


Mark places in your code that you want to come back to. All bookmarks set in each opened document are shown in the Bookmark window.

External tool support

Launch the current document into any other application and\or compiler, conveniently via the main menu or via a custom shortcut.

Block selection

Select text, copy and paste on a column by column basis instead of line by line.

Print and Print Preview

Twistpad previews and prints documents with syntax highlighting, line numbers and search highlight.

Plug-in support

Plug-ins allow to expand Twistpad without the overhead of including the code, thus avoiding bloat and optimize features according to each user particular need.

Text Snippets

Snippets are reusable blocks of code always available at your fingertips. Any text can be used as code snippet, like programs skeletons, frequent address's, code samples and much more. .

Track changes

Track changes mark lines in the margin to indicate edited lines. Yellow marks indicate changes not saved yet, Green, changes saved.


Easily access pre-existing file templates or add your own.

Auto complete

Twistpad will suggest words and statements from syntax keywords, files and folders in the same location as the source document, and backward written words.

Formatting text tools

A comprehensive set of formatting text tools make Twistpad an option for a general purpose text editor.

Document bar

A Document bar is provided with important references of text like last editing position, marked changes, bookmarks and functions.

Customization options

Twistpad supports a comprehensive set of customization possibilities, allowing for personal customization of all available toolbars, context menus and shortcuts.

Guidelines and code helpers

Twistpad can optionally display indentation guides, non printable chars and a settable right line.

Transparent selection

Selection can be transparent, preserving syntax and search highlight, making it easy to navigate the code.

Binary file warning

Like most Text/Code editors, Twistpad can only edit plain text files. Optionally a warning can be displayed to avoid editing non text files.

Tool Windows

Twistpad versatile tool windows allow to position them in any place, with the ability to auto-hide.

File changed

Twistpad can optionally display a subtle warning when a file is changed outside Twistpad. You can even compare differences between the current file and the changes made elsewhere

Application themes

Twistpad supports color themes since version 3.1.

Export syntax highlight

Easily export your syntax highlight code to other platforms like the web (HTML), Microsoft Office® (RTF) or simply copy and paste on mail applications like Outlook® and Gmail®

1 This feature is not available in the Free Edition


General Add-ons / Plug-ins

Plug-ins allow to expand Twistpad without the overhead of including the code, thus avoiding bloat and optimize features according to each particular scenario

Syntax Files

Syntax files define color and other settings for specific document types in Twistpad. A large collection of document syntax type is included in Twistpad, but adicional types can be downloaded here


Twistpad uses the HunSpell Spell Check Engine used by LibreOffice,, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Please note there are no guarantees as to the accuracy or / and reliability of the dictionary languages in the official repository site.


Free (For non commercial use)


  • Limited technical support
  • 64 bit version
  • Project Support
  • Active Spell Checking
  • Use in commercial environment
  • Unlimited licenses within organization

Professional (Site License)

$399 / One time fee

  • Priority technical support by e-mail
  • 64 bit version
  • Project Support
  • Active Spell Checking
  • Use in commercial environment
  • Unlimited licenses within organization