HTPasswd Manager is a Windows application to maintain a Apache HTPasswd file for basic authentication of HTTP users on remote folders.

You can manage a single site or several sites (related or not) from a single HTPasswd Manager database file (*.htf)

HTPasswd Manager will create the HTPasswd file with the user/password information and upload it to the current configured site or simply save it in a file locally for later upload.

Take a more detailed look at the HTPasswd Manager features below

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Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.x or 7

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Modern Interface

HTPasswd Manager features a native and modern interface, with the familiar Ribbon concept.


HTPasswd Manager generates HTPasswrd files with the password encrypted with the crypt_blowfish (bcrypt) algorithm which is the recommended format for the .HTPasswd format.

Upload the htpasswd file directly to your remote folder

HTPasswd Manager can upload the htpasswd file directly to your remote folder whenever needed. No need to use a separated FTP client. (Professional edition only)

Generate passwords

HTPasswd Manager can optionally generate a random password for new or existing users. You can specify password size and which type of characters are included. Even a password strength meter is included.

Manage more then one site per file

HTPasswd Manager allows several site management in a single file. When uploading the htpasswd file, only the users from the current site are included.

Password protect

HTPasswd Manager can password protect it's database files.

Import / Export

HTPasswd Manager can export to CSV or HTML files and import from CSV (same format as exported), existing HTPasswd file or single text file.

Search users

HTPasswd Manager can easily search all users from your site or simply filter the current site with the site bar.

Support for expired or disabled users

HTPasswd Manager will not included expired or disabled users in the generated HTPasswd file.

Unlimited notes per user

User notes are unlimited, you can write long texts.

Customize the interface

The Ribbon can be easily hidden and the columns of the main list can be hidden or reordered (by dragging).

Password Manager

HTPasswd Manager can also be used as a personal password manager as well.

Portable mode

HTPasswd Manager supports portable mode so that it can be run in a portable device.

Dark mode

Support for dark mode in modern Windows plataforms (Windows 10 & 11)


Free (For non commercial use)


  • Limited technical support
  • 15 users per site
  • Direct FTP Upload
  • 64 bit version
  • Use in commercial environment