Version 4.0 SR1 - Released 24 May 2024
  • Fixed: Font color would not persist across section
  • Fixed: Memory leak under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Crash when using a custom font under certain conditions
  • Other minor corrections
Version 4.0
  • Support for Native 64 bit platforms (Note: Version 4 and onwards will be exclusive for 64 bit platforms)
  • High DPI support
  • Improved Memory defragmenter
  • Dark/Light Theme menu support
  • Some display options have been removed
  • Support for Windows 11
  • Minor visual adjustments
  • Other minor corrections and code tweaks
Version 3.51 SR1
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.51
  • New option to write log on high memory values
  • Fixed: Custom highlight color would not be saved
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.5 SR1
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.5
  • Improved process information dialog
  • Added an option copy process details to clipboard, or if there is no information search process filename online
  • Added a new option to double click tray icon: "Show the desktop"
  • Improved feedback upon first run (Hidden icon by the Windows system)
  • Removed quick display settings sub-menu
  • Fixed: Percentage below 10% would not show % sign
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks
Version 3.43
  • Menu process list now shows the used Page File if the option "Show page file instead of physical memory" is set
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.42
  • New option to unify multiple processes
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.41
  • If the option to automatically "Defrag every X minutes" is set, a defrag will be done at MemInfo start up
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.4 SR1
  • Fixed: The "US language" keyboard set was loaded during a MemInfo session
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.4
  • New option to show the percentage of the used memory value in the process list
  • Added a default command for the "Tray info refresh rate"
  • Support for Windows 10
  • Setup has now a option to install a standard or portable installation
  • Fixed: Uninstall would not remove the MemInfo install folder
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.33
  • Check for new version is now automatic as soon as the About box is shown
  • Added a new option to double click tray icon: Show Windows Shutdown Dialog
  • Added an option to show the process name instead of the module (eg: "mspaint.exe" or "Paint")
  • Fixed: Warning on high memory usage will only warn again after 5 minutes (to avoid consecutive warnings)
  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.32 SR2
  • Updated the application icon
  • Fixed: Random access violation under some circumstances
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.32 SR1
  • "Optimize GB Values" is now: "Optimize tray values for: Megabytes / Gigabytes"
  • Added a warning to the option "Switch off computer's display when workstation is locked" when running on portable devices
  • The option "Switch off computer's display when workstation is locked" is now off by default
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.32
  • Portable support (allow MemInfo to run on a removable device without leaving traces in the host system)
  • New "Windows Metro" Theme
  • Fixed: Issue on Windows 8 clicking the tray menu
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks
Version 3.31
  • New application icon
  • Making a donation removes the banner in the about window
  • Fixed: Sometimes the welcome balloon would be displayed on every start if the settings were never executed
  • Fixed: Sometimes when starting with the system, the tray icon would not be shown.
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.3 SR1
  • On systems with larger font sizes, menu items would be cropped
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.3
  • Added a command to check for updates (in the about box)
  • Top processes now shows the respective application icon
  • Top processes can be highlighted with a background color if memory exceeds a configurable value
  • Clicking on a process gives the possibility to free process memory or open the containing folder besides terminating it
  • New option to show the warning of high memory usage in a message box
  • Fixed: The tray icon panel (on Vista and higher) would stay in front of MemInfo settings
  • Fixed: Own User elevated process's would not be shown in the list (if applicable)
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.2 SR1
  • Fixed: Improved some options descriptions (Thanks B A Marlow)
  • Fixed: Values displayed with over 10 GB when using internal font and optimize GB values
  • Support for Windows 8
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.2
  • Added a new option to determine the event on double click with the following options:
    • Start Task Manager (Default)
    • Defrag Memory
    • Memory info
    • Show Settings
    • Lock Workstation
    • Run Program
  • Added a new option to automatically switch off the monitor when the computer is locked
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.1
  • Added an option to defragment memory periodically (interval configurable)
  • Added an option to defragment memory when high memory usage is detected
  • Reorganized the settings dialog
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 3.0
  • Improved the memory Defragmenter module. Now much faster and with better results
  • Added an optional shortcut to quickly defrag memory
  • Added the top 5 processes to the tray menu (display and process count configurable)
  • Clicking on the menu process terminates the process (like in Task Manager)
  • Added hint information to the tray menu (display configurable)
  • First time launch now adapts theme colors with current windows\theme loaded
  • Gigabyte values are now optimized (In both hint and display)
  • Added a quick option to directly go to themes page in the settings sub-menu
  • Optimized main executable memory
  • Introduced a new icon
  • Reorganized Settings dialog
  • Reorganized about dialog
  • Fixed: Internal font panel would sometimes show the same color as the background
  • Minor visual adjustments
  • Other Minor Bug Fixes and code tweaks
Version 2.2
  • Added two quick options to tray menu (Transparent background and text color) to quickly deal with potential alternative Taskbar colors
  • "Opaque Background" option is now "Transparent background" to avoid confusion
  • Removed "Dark" gauge colors (same functionality can be obtained with themes)
  • Support for Windows 7
  • Reorganized options dialog
  • Minor bug fixes
version 2.1
  • Added a new theme color: Bar background
  • Added a new option: Opaque Bar
  • Added a theme for Windows Vista with Aero Running (Black taskbar)
  • Fixed : When showing free physical memory, and there was none left, random 4 digit numbers where incorrectly shown.
  • Fixed : Dialog positions (near the tray) now respect the true work area (eg: don't get on top of the Vista Sidebar)
  • Other minor bug Fixes
version 2.0
  • Support for color themes
  • All colors can now be customized
  • internal font is now optimized and changes depending on the number of digits of the displayed value (optional)
  • Added an option to set the refresh time
  • Added an option to put gauge bar at the bottom
  • Added an option for setting a non-transparent background color
  • Added an option to display in tray hint what means the current value
  • When showing memory percentage, is now possible to show free memory percentage instead of memory use.
  • Reorganized options dialog
  • Fixed : When selecting a new color for the internal font, the current selected font color was not selected in the Select Color Dialog
  • Minor Bug Fixes and improvements
version 1.81 SR1
  • When internal font is selected, the color is now selected via a color dialog instead of the font dialog.
  • Minor Bug fixes and tweaks
version 1.81
  • Added a balloon warning when starting a second instance
  • Dialog box's are now positioned near the MemInfo tray icon
  • Improved visual feedback when using internal font
  • Fixed : no longer the taskbar button appears when displaying the about dialog
  • Minor Bug fixes and tweaks
version 1.80 SR3
  • Fixed: When the regional setting for the thousand's character was not set to dot or comma, it would be shown in the tray value if the value was higher then 1000. This also raised an invalid integer value when using the internal font
  • Fixed : On Windows Vista, Pressing "ALT" on a the about/settings dialog, some controls would disappear
  • Minor Bug fixes
version 1.80 SR2
  • Fixed: Support for systems with more than 2GB of Ram
version 1.80 SR1
  • Fixed: When using internal font, the top coordinate of the text would still be dependent on the font chosen
  • Fixed: when using internal font, no longer the font name of the selected font is displayed (the color of the font is still selected in the font dialog)
  • Other Minor Bug Fixes
version 1.80
  • New option to enable use of a optimized small font for 4 digit numbers
  • Icon has been update to a more modern look
  • Fixed : no longer the taskbar button appears when displaying the memory defragmenter and the settings dialog
  • Minor Bug Fixes
version 1.76 SR2
  • Minor Bug Fixes
version 1.76 SR1
  • Fixed : Font Charset was not stored across sections
  • Minor Bug Fixes
version 1.76
  • Added option to show percentage sign (%) when showing memory percentage
  • Removed Comma's from memory values in the Tray
  • Minor Bug Fixes
version 1.75
  • Centered About Box on the desktop
  • Fixed: On non English Windows, the start-up shortcut would not be created.
  • Updated Setup
  • Updated EULA
  • Minor Bug Fixes
version 1.74
  • Dark Gauge colors sometimes did not show on Windows 2000
version 1.73
  • Tray font now supports full formatting
  • Dark Gauge colors now available for Windows 2000
  • Minor Bug Fixes
version 1.72
  • Added option to display Percentage of memory use instead of actual value
  • Minor Bug Fixes
version 1.71
  • Minor Bug Fixes
version 1.70
  • Added a Memory Defragmenter
version 1.64
  • Minor bug fixes
version 1.63
  • Font color is no longer limited to 16 colors
version 1.62
  • Minor bug fixes
version 1.61
  • Installer now warns user to close MemInfo in both install and uninstall process
  • Minor bug fixes
version 1.60
  • Percentage values that determine the memory bar color are now customizable
  • Added option to display free memory instead of memory use for both page and physical memory
  • Fixed : Clicking on the X button in the caption of the about box would close the application
  • Minor bug fixes
version 1.52
  • Improved Support for Windows XP Themes
version 1.51
  • Minor bug fixes
version 1.50
  • New Settings Dialog
  • Added customizable font settings
version 1.0
  • Initial Release

SR stands for "Service Release" a version without or very restricted new features, mainly to stabilize the product..

Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation in no way endorses or is affiliated with Carthago Software. All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.


MemInfo 4.0 SR1 64 bit
MemInfo 4.0 SR1 Portable 64 bit

MemInfo 3.51 SR1 32 bit
Version 3.51 is available to download for 32 bit systems. This version will no longer maintained or updated.

  • Microsoft Windows:
    • 64 bit - Versions 11 / 10 / 8.x / 7 (64 bit editions)
    • 32 bit - Versions 10 / 8.x / 7 / Vista / XP


MemInfo is freeware. It can be freely used and distributed in commercial and private environments but is subject to the terms and conditions of the license agreement.